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LogiCall V7.0 Operating System Ensemble
for use with
Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 3
Disk Systems

LogiCall is an Executive Level Synonym Execution Program and integrated software ensemble that enhances the speed and operating ease of your Color Computer 3. LogiCall permits you to move from drive to drive, move into and out of your word processor, database, spreadsheet, terminal program and other programs using just a few logical keystrokes. LogiCall displays pictures and word processor files on the screen without using graphics or word processor applications.

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Redundant easy to remember single key commands shorten file management requests. Provided FORMAT, MOVE, ERASE, RENAME, POINT, CAT, and RESET keys make executive level file management quick and easy. Using RGBDOS or HDBDOS permits LogiCall to boot on power-up.

LogiCall exits the CoCo when a new program is called and returns when you're through with that program maximizing available RAM space. Filenames on disk are parsed for extensions to permit easy calling of files into the CoCo. No longer will you have to power down the CoCo between programs. You can change the logic if you wish because LogiCall is written in BASIC.

This exciting new ensemble for the CoCo3 developed first for the Sinclair Spectrum an the Timex/Sinclair TS2068 in 1984 and rewritten for the CoCo3 with Drivewire in 2010, has a 10 page manual that covers the entire ensemble of utilities. You need only read it once as LogiCall includes a HELP file available by pressing H, ? or F1.

If you are a user of the CoCo, this is truly a fine ensemble worth owning!
Since the CoCoFEST! of 2013, your price for LogiCall is FREE.
If you are interested in acquiring LogiCall, please phone Bob at email RSwoger@aol.com